SuperSic is the first and unique SiC heat exchanger virtually corrosion and eros ion proof because both tube-sheets and tubes are made of massive SiC. »»

Basic, the new world of shell and tube silicon carbide (SIC) heat exchanger is on line just for you.»»

AMETEK: Teflon® shell and tube heat exchangers, immersion coils.

WILK-Graphite: graphite heat exchangers.

RAMCO: flange and valve safety shields.

Thale: glass-lined reactors and vessels.

Duker: glass-lined valves, piping and columns.

Engiplas: world specialist for plastic rotolined, and sheet lined vessels and columns (PE, PPL, PVDF, PTFE, PFA).



Founded in 1979, BART started as QVF glassware reseller and manipulator. Many years passed, many product were added. Now our core business is the heat exchange, the mixing, the transporting and the storage of highly corrosive fluids.


Many materials: Silicon Carbide, Teflon, Graphite, Glass Lining, Plastic Lining, Coatings.


Many fields: Pharmaceutical, Fine chemical, Base chemical, Galvanic, Pickling, Environmental.


Many products: Heat Exchangers, Vessels, Reactors, Piping and fittings, Columns, Valves, Special accessories.




YFM Lined Valves: High Quality European-Standard Materials and Engineering, made in China